maggie williams glass

Glass Designer Maker based in Lincoln, UK


EDEN hanging vases are innovative vases designed to be suspended either from a hook in the ceiling or in front of a window. They are made in many colours both transparent and opaque and can be hung as a single vase or large or small groups.



clear fluted Eden hanging vases

Clear hanging vases









Large group of black vases with fresh flowers







The vases are hung with a metal button and  fishing line.The button slots through a ‘button hole’ in the top of the vase as seen here.






BUBBLE hanging vases 10 and 15cms

BUBBLE are a new range of hanging vases in a variety of bubbly colours.









Fluted EDEN vases








4 Eden White hanging vases

Opaque EDEN vases






orange orch

EDEN orchid bowl





orchid bowl with plant